Our Mission

We strive to be the best frail care centre in Mpumalanga, with a loving team of dedicated nurses, to care for the geriatric, mentally impaired and physically impaired  elderly patients. We are the only frail care centre in Nelspruit to provide nasogastric and peg tube feedings. Our patients are mainly Alzheimer and Parkinson’s affected elderly men and women.

Who Are We?

Mpumalanga Frail Care Centre is a section 21 company, non-profit organisation and not subsidised by any organization.

Pumalanga Retirement Village, which incorporates the Frail Care, is situated in a quiet part of West Acres in Flamboyant Street, Nelspruit. The Frail Care Centre is a small 28 bed (22 frail care beds and 6 bedsitters), homely facility with beautiful gardens and abundant bird life.

The Pumalanga Retirement Village consists of 48 units with 2 and 3 bedroom houses. The Frail Care centre will assist any resident should an emergency arise in their village home. Our office is manned with a 24 hour call system, and trained medical staff.

Mpumalanga Frail Care will make every effort to care for residents in their Golden Years. Most of whom are frail and have been disabled by strokes or debilitating illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinsons disease. These residents require an enormous amount of assistance, with dignity, for all their “daily normal activities” covering bathing, dressing, toilet needs, eating and moving around.

Mpumalanga Frail Care also has 6 bedsitter units, adjacent to the Frail Care, where residents, that can still care for themselves can live. These residents can enjoy the same facilities of meals, laundry and the medical supervision of the trained staff at the Frail Care.

The Frail Care Centre has 22 beds. Some rooms are single rooms, and some of these have en suite bathrooms. Other rooms shared rooms and bathrooms. All residents enjoy 24 hour professional nursing care, from our trained staff. Meals are supervised by our resident chef, providing 3 well-balanced meals a day, and making provision for special dietry requirements. Residents laundry is also catered for. All medication is supervised and administered by the sisters on duty.

“Age in Action” and “Care Buddies” provide wonderful support to the residents by regular weekly visits, and arranging outings and entertainment for the residents.

COSTS: Fees are determined on the individual needs of patients.

We can cater for Granny- and Grandpa-sitting services, when beds/space allow for this. Please contact us to enquire about this service.




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