Our Mission

We strive to be the best frail care centre in Mpumalanga, with a loving team of dedicated nurses, to care for the geriatric, mentally impaired and physically impaired  elderly patients. We are the only frail care centre in Nelspruit to provide nasogastric and peg tube feedings. Our patients are mainly Alzheimer and Parkinson’s affected elderly men and women.


Living in dignity and security, surrounded by people who care.

Respected, regardless of age, gender, race or ability.

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We Provide

Individual, quality, professional nursing care to the geriatric patient.

Care for mentally and physically impaired elderly patients.

Function as a hospice to the terminally ill patient.

Independent living in single or double rooms.

Facilities for the elderly whose families want to go on holiday.

Our caring and loving team consist of a Medical Doctor, Professional Nurses, Geriatric carers, Physiotherapists, Dietician and a Social worker.